Thank You TVEC

Many thanks to Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative and their Operation Round Up program.  They recently granted us a check for $900 to purchase a new laptop, video projector and screen for our meetings and presentations!

We are grateful to club president Ed Busch, K8MKN, for working this project and submitting our grant application. Our new netbook was used at the April meeting, and the screen and projector have also been received. The screen will be mounted at the Mabank Cafe for use at our monthly meeting.

Here’s a photo of our check presentation, shot at our repeater receive site.



The Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club will hold a one-day class on Saturday April 26 that will allow students to obtain their Tech class ham radio license.  At the end of the day, students will take the 30 question multiple choice examination for the Technician class license.  Within a week, students can check the FCC online system for their callsign.

This class will follow the same format as one held last fall, in which sixteen local residents received their license and are now enjoying Ham Radio.

The instructor, George Yarger, has helped dozens of interested individuals obtain their license through his unique “Ham-cram” class. No technical experience is necessary… just a desire to join the ranks of Ham radio operators, a unique hobby that is both fun and a community resource.

Students will learn enough to be able to pass the exam, and, from there, members of the local club will mentor students to help get them “on the air.”

The class itself is free, as is the FCC license. There is a $10 fee for electronic processing and submittal of the exam.

The class will be held at the Harbor Baptist Church, 12059 State Highway 198, Payne Springs, on Saturday, April 26, at 9 a.m. Those interested are asked to pre-register by sending their name, email address and phone number to rich@richcasey.net

CCARC Meeting April 12

The Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club will meet Saturday, April 12 at the Mabank Café. The meeting will begin promptly at 9 a.m.; breakfast buffet begins at 8 a.m.

Gordo Ham Nation #1Continuing our Skype Speakers Series, the Cedar Creek ARC is pleased to announce that perhaps the best-known ham in our hobby, Gordon West, WB6NOA, will appear via Skype at our meeting.

“Gordo” is credited with training the largest number of hams in history.  He is a prolific author of books, articles and training guides.  If you have a question about a mode or aspect of our hobby, Gordo has literally written the book about it.

All ham operators and anyone interested in Amateur Radio are invited to attend.

Talk-in on the repeater, 146.30/90 MHZ, 136.5 hz.

The Gun Barrel City Emergency Operations Center is coming together! The weather station is now installed and sending real-time information to Weather Underground.

The Amateur Radio equipment is also up and running. For its inauguration, the Henderson County ARES training net for March was conducted from the EOC. The antenna is mounted but we’re waiting for a feed through in the building for our coaxial cable to be run. In the meantime, we’re using a magnetic mount antenna on a file cabinet, which works well enough to access the repeater on low power.

Many thanks to individual members of the CCARC that donated equipment for this installation, and to the club for purchasing the transceiver.

Here are a few photos.

GBC Central Fire Station. You can see the weather station on the far right, and the tip of the antenna to the left.

GBC Central Fire Station. You can see the weather station on the far right, and the tip of the antenna to the left.

A better photo of the weather station and dual band antenna.

A better photo of the weather station and dual band ham antenna.

The ham station is in an office off the front of the training room, which will function as the EOC as needed.

The ham station is in an office adjoining the front of the training room, which will serve as the EOC as needed.

The operating desk. The rig is a Kenwood dual bander. The weather station console is on the left, and the Virtual Weather Station display is on the new Windows 8 computer.

The operating desk. The weather station console is on the left, the Kenwood VHF/UHF transceiver is in the center, and the Virtual Weather Station program is displayed on the new Windows 8 computer.



Gun Barrel City EOC Project

The project to establish an amateur radio presence at the Gun Barrel City EOC is making progress! The club has purchased a Kenwood TM-V71A dual band transceiver for use at the EOC. The Fire Department will be installing our antenna shortly.

Club members have stepped up to to provide a heavy duty power supply, VHF/UHF antenna, coax cable and connectors, headphones, mast, tripod and Anderson Powerpole 4-in-1 splitter and connectors (totalling $379 in donations!)

Thank you to the following members for their donations of funds and equipment:

  • SM0BTP – Mats Roos, Gun Barrel City
  • N4BKX - Jim Conner, Mabank
  • KE5WUT -  Bill Saylor, Mabank
  • K8MKN -  Ed Busch,  Mabank
  • N5CSU -  Rich Casey, Gun Barrel City

CCARC Membership Reaches 41!

Welcome to our newest member,  Pete Sullivan – W5PJS.  Pete joined at the February meeting, bringing our membership to an all time high of 41!

  • AC0DE - Dee Boswell, Kemp
  • AD5QP - Cory Hine, Kaufman
  • AD5WO - John Becton, Murchison
  • K5NHY - Doc Stiefer, Caney City
  • K5PUB - Bill Bassett, Athens
  • K8MKN -  Ed Busch,  Mabank
  • KA5IPF -  Clif Holland Jr., Mabank
  • KA5TTS – Wes Riddle, Kemp
  • KA5Y -  Tex Herson Jr., Trinidad
  • KB5MT -  Jim Wallace, Mabank
  • KC5CTG - Glenn Hughes, Gun Barrel City
  • KC5EKM -  Bill Moos, Mabank
  • KC5YN – Fred Keen, Gun Barrel City
  • KC8YWT - Dave Randall, Kaufman
  • KD5OCW - Barry Brown, Mabank
  • KE5OFL -  Jim Myers Jr., Trinidad
  • KE5WUT -  Bill Saylor, Mabank
  • KF5HSN -  Robert Gosson, Gun Barrel City
  • KF5SUV - Shirley McManus, Kaufman
  • KF5VAW - Frank Stokes, Mabank
  • KF5ZCW – Ron Chapman, Trinidad
  • KF5ZCX - Jerry Dodd, Phalba
  • KF5ZDE – Butch Keller, Athens
  • KF5ZDI – Chuck Welch, Eustace
  • KF6WXA - Sue Stokes, Mabank
  • KW0K - Doug Boswell, Kemp
  • N4BKX - Jim Conner, Mabank
  • N4UJW -  Don Butler, Gun Barrel City
  • N5CSU -  Rich Casey, Gun Barrel City
  • N5HDX – Joe Clark, Mabank
  • N5SER -  Charles Wells II, Kemp
  • N5ZFB -  Jeff Irion, Mabank
  • NG5R - Dale Richards, Malakoff
  • SM0BTP – Mats Roos, Gun Barrel City
  • W5AUX - Millie Holland, Mabank
  • W5BRG -  George Yarger, Mabank
  • W5PJS – Pete Sullivan, Gun Barrel City
  • W5WDH - Jerry Harrison, Eustace
  • W5RDM - Bob Myers, Malakoff
  • WB4SJN -  Bob Allen, Phalba
  • TBD - Bill Hoppes

At our January meeting, representatives from the Longview East TX ARC presented the CCARC with a certificate thanking the club for co-sponsoring their Tailgate Sale in 2013.  With a successful launch, they are planning to make this an annual event, and requested that we again sign on as a sponsoring club.

Unfortunately, the date (April 12) is is also the CCARC meeting day, but we still want to support the effort!  Club members heartily agreed via voice vote, and will donate a door prize to the event.  Jim, N4BKX, stepped forward and donated a new Baofeng UV-5 H/T to as a door prize for the event. Thanks, Jim! 

There will also be a meeting of officers of all sponsor clubs, to discuss forming an I-20 Corridor ARC Council.  Jeff, N5ZFB and club treasurer, will represent CCARC at this meeting.

Click on these images for a closeup of the cert and the tailgate invite.


tailgate sale 2014


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