Mabank Jubilee

At the recent Mabank Jubilee, the our club booth featured an HF station (thanks to Bill, KE5WUT). Many thanks to the twelve embers that helped at the booth. Several attendees signed up for the November 15 ham class.

The club challenged its members to make as many HF radio contacts as possible to compete for a prize. At the end of the day, members had contacted 30 states and one Canadian province. At the October club meeting, president Ed Busch, K8MKN, (left) presented Bob Allen, WB4SJN, with a Chili’s gift card for his winning entry, 12 contacts.




Members could also spot our logo up with the other Mabank Pavilion sponsors!

ccarc sign


W5BRG makes a point!When disaster strikes and your cell phone doesn’t work, Amateur “Ham” Radio does! There’s never been a better time to obtain your ham radio license and get “on the air” with others in the lake area.

The Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club will hold a one-day class on Saturday Nov. 15 that will allow students to obtain their ham radio license.

At the end of the day, students will take the 30 question multiple choice examination for the Technician class license. Within a week, students can check the FCC online system for their callsign.

The instructor, George Yarger, has helped dozens of interested individuals obtain their license through his unique “Ham-cram” class. No technical experience is necessary… just a desire to join the ranks of ham radio operators, a unique hobby that is both fun and a community resource. Over 25 local residents have received their licenses in the past two classes and are now enjoying ham radio.

The class itself is free, as is the FCC license. There is a $10 fee for electronic processing and submittal of the exam.

The class will be held at the Harbor Baptist Church, 12059 State Highway 198, Payne Springs, on Saturday, Nov. 15, at 8 a.m. Those interested are asked to pre-register by sending their name, email address and phone number to rich@richcasey.net

Martin-f-jueThe Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club will meet Saturday, October 11 in the meeting room at the Mabank Cafe. The meeting begins promptly at 9 a.m. but many members come early for the breakfast buffet at 8 a.m.

A special guest speaker via Skype will be Martin F. Jue, K5FLU, founder and president of MFJ Enterprises. Founded in 1972, MFJ has become the world’s largest manufacturer of accessories for Amateur Radio.

All hams and those interested in Amateur Radio are invited to attend.

There was a great article on the Cedar Creek ARC in our local ​newspaper last week. It goes into depth on the talk Cory Hine, AD5QP, gave on Nikola Tesla at the August club meeting. Here’s the link:  http://themonitor.net/blog2/2014/08/14/ham-operators-hear-of-teslas-antenna/

The Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club will meet Saturday, September 13 in the meeting room at the Mabank Cafe. The meeting begins promptly at 9 a.m. but many members come early for the breakfast buffet at 8 a.m.

The September meeting will feature a DVD and in-person presentation from the Columbia Space Balloon Facility in Palestine, TX.  They will show how they launch and communicate with the balloons that can carry up to 8,000 pounds and reach an altitude of 2 and 1/2 miles. More info on this facility is at http://stratocat.com.ar/bases/47e.htm

All hams and those interested in Amateur Radio are invited to attend.


Here’s a list of members who are paid for the June 2014-15 club year.

  • AC0DE – Dee Boswell, Kemp
  • AD5QP – Cory Hine, Kaufman
  • AD5WO – John Becton, Murchison
  • AF5SZ – Darwin Baldwin, Kemp
  • K5PUB – Bill Bassett, Athens
  • K5QFH – David Cadden, Eustace
  • K8MKN –  Ed Busch,  Payne Springs
  • KA5IPF –  Clif Holland Jr., Mabank
  • KA5TTS – Wes Riddle, Kemp
  • KA5Y –  Tex Herson Jr., Trinidad
  • KB5MT – Jim Wallace, Mabank
  • KC5EKM –  Bill Moos, Mabank
  • KC5YN – Fred Keen, Gun Barrel City
  • KC8YWT – Dave Randall, Kaufman
  • KD5ILK – Glenda Oglesby, Wills Point
  • KD5OCW – Barry Brown, Mabank
  • KE5WUT –  Bill Saylor, Payne Springs
  • KF5CTG – Glenn Hughes, Mabank
  • KF5HSN –  Robert Gosson, Gun Barrel City
  • KF5SUV – Shirley McManus, Kaufman
  • KF5VAW – Frank Stokes, Mabank
  • KF5ZCW – Ron Chapman, Trinidad
  • KF5ZCX – Jerry Dodd, Phalba
  • KF5ZDE – Butch Keller, Athens
  • KF5ZDI – Chuck Welch, Eustace
  • KF6WXA – Sue Stokes, Mabank
  • KG5BSF – Kathryn Conner, Mabank
  • KG5BSI – Sandy Gassett, Gun Barrel City
  • KG5BWQ – Bill Hoppes, Eustace
  • KG5DBH – Charles Genthner, Kemp
  • KG5DSS – Bruce Stewart, Canton
  • KW0K – Doug Boswell, Kemp
  • N4BKX – Jim Conner, Mabank
  • N4UJW –  Don Butler, Gun Barrel City
  • N5CSU –  Rich Casey, Gun Barrel City
  • N5HDX – Joe Clark, Mabank
  • N5SER –  Charles Wells II, Kemp
  • N5ZFB –  Jeff Irion, Mabank
  • NG5R – Dale Richards, Malakoff
  • SM0BTP – Mats Roos, Gun Barrel City
  • TBD – Martha Roos, Gun Barrel City
  • W5AUX – Millie Holland, Mabank
  • W5BRG –  George Yarger, Payne Springs
  • W5PJS – Pete Sullivan, Gun Barrel City
  • WA5AEW – Al Weaver, Seven Points
  • WA5MPA  Bill Oglesby, Wills Point
  • WB4SJN –  Bob Allen, Phalba

Repeater Improvements!

We have made significant progress on the Cedar Creek ARC repeater!

  • The embedded IRLP/Echolink computer at the transmitter site is now working   This results in much cleaner audio than the Echolink 2 meter link from N5CSU to the receive site that we have been using for the past year.  Major kudos to George, W5BRG, for figuring this out!   Please note that users connecting  via IRLP or Echolink no longer hear the repeater voice or CW ID, nor do they hear the courtesy tone. So, if you hear someone connect and they don’t put out a call or a CQ, go ahead and give them a call.
  • Van Zandt has been added to the county alert list on the repeater’s WX-250 WeatherRadio.  So, any NWS severe weather watches or warnings for Henderson, Kaufman or Van Zandt Counties will automatically be rebroadcast on our repeater. You’ll also hear the weekly NWS tests Wednesday morning and evening.



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