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Updated Photos of our Transmitter Site

Here are a few photos of the updated repeater transmitter site at the school, illustrating the emergency power equipment now online.  TNX to Ed, K8MKN, for the pix.

Here is the overall layout of the rack.












At the top of the cabinet is a Teletec amplifier for the two meter transmitter. It’s powered by an Astron 30 amp DC supply located below it. The Astron is AC powered, so the amp goes offline when the transmitter is on emergency power.

Just below the power supply on the right (near the two microphones) is a small box; that’s our 440 MHz link receiver.








In the middle portion of the rack cabinet, you’ll find the CAT repeater controller and the Kenwood repeater.

Below that is the DC Power distribution device that switches the repeater to emergency power when AC power is lost. Note the large Anderson Powerpoles!

Toward the bottom of the photo  is the Duracomm charger/controller for the AGM battery.


At the base of the rack are the Astron 20 amp DC supply for the repeater and our brand new 90 amp/hr AGM battery.


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