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The Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club is placing copies of ‘Ham Radio For Dummies’ in public libraries and schools around the Cedar Creek Area. Checking one out is as easy as going to your school or public library and reading about one of the oldest and most respected hobbies in the world.

The book will inform and teach you information about what is need to get your Ham Radio License. And a local website is provided on the first page where you can see information about local events and where and when testing is provided in the area.

Once the test is over…what do you do now????

Well, you need to get on the air and start enjoying the hobby!

 Technician Class

If you recently passed the Technician Class License test, you’ll want to get on the air on frequencies above 50Mhz. The most popular frequencies for new Technicians are the 2Meter band. Most 2M traffic uses frequency modulation (FM) although you are licensed to use many modes.

On 2M FM, transmissions normally travel almost by “line of sight”. There are exceptions to every rule, but if you want to use 2M, chances are you will communicate directly with another Amateur (normally called simplex), or via a device called a repeater that amplifies your signal and increases your range. A simplex radio system works fine for large, open, flat areas. In cities, suburban areas, and mountainous regions however buildings and hills may block radio signals thereby reducing the radio systems’ effectiveness. Repeater systems provide a solution to this problem. When using a repeater, all stations listen on frequency F1 and transmit on F2. Every message that is transmitted on F2 is simultaneously retransmitted on F1 by the repeater.

So, How Do I Get on 2M??

First you need a radio. The good news is that 2M equipment is plentiful and fairly cheap. You can find a 2M radio (rig) for around $140 new. Used rigs can be found for under $100. So where do you look??

But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

First check out the book at the library, and then get involved at the local meetings held on Saturdays in the Cedar Creek area. The Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club meets the second Saturday of each month at the Mabank Cafe, Mabank, TX. The meeting starts at 9am, but most members come around 8am to enjoy the buffet breakfast.

Brad Koskelin, Asst. Supt. of Mabank ISD said:

I delivered the books to the Jr. High and high school libraries and visited with the Lead Librarian. I expressed to her your desire in trying to generate interest in Ham Radio operation with young people and shared some of our conversation with her regarding what it takes to become licensed and the what becoming an amateur radio operator means. She was very excited about sharing something new with the students.


Mabank: Brad Koskelin, Asst. Supt. of Mabank ISD accepts copie from club member Glenn Hughes



canton1Canton:  Canton Librarian Kristin Rose accepts her copies from club member Glenn Hughes



Kaufman:  Yasma Yvette Holland, Director of the Kaufman County Library displays her copy


Malakoff:  Randy Perry, Superintendent Malakoff ISD


Thank you Glenn Hughes for being the coordinator for this project. Job well done.

Where Can You Find “Ham Radio for Dummies?”

 Canton High School and Canton Junior High

.Kemp High School…

.Mabank High School and Junior High

The libraries in Kaufman, the Cedar Creek Library in Seven points and the Tri-County Library in Mabank,

Athens school district

Scurry Rosser High school and Junior High

Malakoff High School and Middle School


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