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Tuesday Lunches for October

Cedar Creek ARC Lunches for October

 Be Sure You Do Not Arrive Before 11:30AM

 There’s no frost on our pumpkin!  The Cedar Creek ARC Tuesday lunches in October are at Tavi’s Italian Restaurant in Seven Points.  Bring a friend or spouse or anyone you see on the street.  Except maybe not that crazy guy in front of Wal-Mart.  Because you see we’re open to new ideas and trivial concern each Tuesday at…repeat after me, 11:30 A.M..

The rumor is that anytime earlier and Ed is going to have your bill doubled.  Kind of an added service fee.

Tavi’s is located in the airplane hangar building on Hwy 334 just up the hill from Cedar Creek Lake.


November takes us to Lakeside Café in GBC.


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