The White Elephants Are Coming

The next meeting of the Cedar Creek Amateur (ham) Radio Club will feature a recycling event.  That is an annual affair where equipment that hasn’t been used in a long while is given a new home.

There are specific rules.  The device must be in working order and in a bag.  And by the way, the first recipient won’t necessarily get to keep it.  You see the Czar of our Christmas event, Jeff Irion, N5ZFB, allows each winner to have his or her item “stolen” by the next person up.  This can get pretty crazy and that’s a good thing.

 If you have to buy a new item, it can’t cost more than $25.

 We’ll also have the usual updates and reports and generally good fellowship.

 The meeting will be held Saturday December 10th at the Mabank Café on Hwy 198 in Mabank.  The club meets the second Saturday of each month there. The meeting starts at 9 AM, but many come early for the breakfast buffet.  Anyone interested in technology is welcome.

 The ham radio exam no longer requires a code test.  So if you’ve ever wanted to talk to the world or be a first responder, this is the time to act.  The Cedar Creek Radio Club offers free one-day classes to study and pass the exam.

The Cedar Creek ARC has over forty members from the tri-county area. It maintains a VHF and UHF repeater system that provide hand-held radio coverage to hams in the lake area, and mobile and base coverage throughout the three counties. CCARC participates in the National Weather Service SKYWARN program and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. The club also provides classes to those wishing to join the ranks of Amateur “ham” Radio.

November Tuesday Lunches

Cedar Creek ARC Lunches for November



For the Tuesday lunches in November we revisit an old haunt at a new location.  The Lakeside Café has moved further South on Hwy 198 in Gun Barrel City.


From Hwy 334, keep going South on Hwy 198 for .9 miles and you’ll find it on your right.  There is a big sign on the road that says Restaurant and a smaller sign on the building that says Lakeside Café.


We’ll have our usual trivia and spirited conversation and everybody is invited.  Member or not, we love visitors.


In December we go to our most Northern location,the Mabank Café.

Minutes for October 8th

CCARC Monthly Meeting Minutes – October 8th, 2016
Club Vice President N5SER – Charles Wells opened the meeting at 0900 Hours with 20 members present and 1 guest.
Treasurer’s Report: K8MKN – Ed Bush reported a balance of $5,016.94.
Motion made to accept treasurer’s report. Motion passed.
Secretary’s Report: N5SER – Charles Wells read the minutes from September 10th, 2016. Motion made to accept the minutes. Motion passed.
K8MKN – Ed Bush gave update on status of tower climb. Tower has been climbed and
both antennas have been replaced. The best news, cost was well within budget,
$500.00. A short video was shown of the tower climb. Many thanks’ to LDG for all the
equipment and technical support they gave us. A special “Thank You” goes out to KA5IPF – Clif Holland for all the work he put into this project and for purchasing the new antennas through his company at a discount.
Status of “Books for Schools”. K8MKN – Ed Busch reported we have 10 copies of “ Ham Radio for Dummies” and they will be placed in our local schools and libraries by KF5CTG – Glenn Hughes. W5BRG – George Yarger reviewed a Kindle Book “Triple Charlie’s Shack Companion and Advice for New Hams” it’s targeted on operating your radio for new hams.
Special Presentation:
N4BKX – Jim Conner gave a presentation on the Raspberry Pi, Ardino and WinLink.
For Ardino’s and Raspberry Pi’s contact: ki5ub@att.net
For kits contact Borden Radio Company at: xtalman.com
KA5IPF – Clif Holland conducted an experiment. With a 15” coax and 21 different connectors. The object of this experiment was to determine the db loss when using connectors. After adding 4, then 7, then 14, then 21 connectors of various types. BNC, Barrel, N Type, PL Type, SMA he checked everything with a signal generator and watt meter. The conclusion was at 450MHz there was only .8db loss. You can use connectors!
WB4SJN – Bob Allen asked for requests for club hoodies and club sweatshirts. Please email Bob at: bobmary37@yahoo.com with your name and size.
W5BRG – George Yeager needs students to sign up for a new ham cram class to be announced as soon as enough people sign up. Email George at brotherg@gmail.com if you are or know anyone interested in a class.
There are still some members who have not paid yet – Club DUES were due in May! See N5ZFB – Jeff Irion club treasurer if you have not paid your club DUES!
Door Prizes. 3 door prizes were given out.
Club Vice Present N5SER – Charles Wells closed the meeting at 1006 hours.

The CCARC Repeater is back  up and running.

Clif-KA5IPF and Ed-K8MKN got it fixed.


towerclimb3 towerclimb2 towerclimb1 towerclimb5

New 440 Repeater

Our new CCARC 440 Repeater is up and running. Frequency: 444.050, Tone: 136.5, Offset: 5.000, Offset direction: Positive (+). This repeater has Digital Operation with Yeasu equipped radios and Analog operation with all radios. At present the repeater is operating on low power of 20 W. Please check it out and use it.


Additional Note:

There is no courtesy tone or carrier that you key up when you hit your push to talk.

It might be confusing because you can’t hear that you’ve gotten into the repeater.

Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club members come out in support of Field Day

Putting up the antenna:


Operating the radio:

FD10_2016 FD4_2016 FD2_2016 FD1_2016Sitting back and relaxing:


Reaching out to  the community about Amateur Radio:


Welcome New Members

Newest members of the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club:   WELCOME


Chris Babina, KE5KIP

Don Smith, KG5NHB

Steve Wise, KG5NHC

LouAnn Clark, W5LDX

Trey Garland, WX0MMG