JANUARY 14TH, 2017

 President William Moos, WM5MM called the meeting to order at 0900.

25 members present and 4 visitors (2 visitors joined the club: Jon Palmer and John Fehlbaum)

Treasurer’s report: Jeff Irion, N5ZFB.  Balance of $3203.26.  Motion made and passed to accept the treasurer’s report.

Secretary’s Report: Charles Wells, N5SER. The minutes from the December 10th meeting were read. Motion made to accept the minutes and passed.

ARES Report: Charles Wells, N5SER. No ARES activity in December.


Jim Connor reported that he is donating a universal controller and cable for the 440 repeater along with the Raspberry Pi that will allow DSTAR users to use the repeater.

Ed & George reported on the status of internet to the repeater site. George is letting the club use the internet service from his church. Someone has changed the lock on the gate to the tower site. As soon as the lock situation is corrected, Ed and George will be able to test the internet link.

Don Smith gave an update on his wife, Judie, who is still in rehab.

3 door prizes were given away.

George announced the next Ham Cram Course: April 29th at the Harbor Baptist Church

Mats Roos gave away a mobile (4 band) radio

President William Moos adjourned the meeting at  0942

CCARC is initiating a “UHF” social net on our repeater.

Day: Every Thursday

Time: 7PM

Frequency: 444.050

Tone: 136.5

Offset: +

Check in and check it out.

All are welcome to participate.

January Tuesday Lunches

Cedar Creek ARC Lunches for January

 Be Sure You Do Not Arrive Before 11:30AM


The Tuesday traveling technology luncheon moves to Gun Barrel City for January.

This time we return after a long absence to The Jalapeno Tree on Hwy 334.  We again have the private dining room.  So when you arrive after 11:30 just go to the left of the greeter and around the corner. The Tree has a lengthy menu of Tex-Mex and gringo food, so everybody should find something they like.

And as George so often reminds us, they offer free soft serve ice cream as well.

February we make the trek across Cedar Creek Lake to the bustling metropolis of Seven Points and Tavi’s Italian restaurant.




The CCARC Repeater is back  up and running.

Clif-KA5IPF and Ed-K8MKN got it fixed.


towerclimb3 towerclimb2 towerclimb1 towerclimb5

New 440 Repeater

Our new CCARC 440 Repeater is up and running. Frequency: 444.050, Tone: 136.5, Offset: 5.000, Offset direction: Positive (+). This repeater has Digital Operation with Yeasu equipped radios and Analog operation with all radios. At present the repeater is operating on low power of 20 W. Please check it out and use it.


Additional Note:

There is no courtesy tone or carrier that you key up when you hit your push to talk.

It might be confusing because you can’t hear that you’ve gotten into the repeater.

Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club members come out in support of Field Day

Putting up the antenna:


Operating the radio:

FD10_2016 FD4_2016 FD2_2016 FD1_2016Sitting back and relaxing:


Reaching out to  the community about Amateur Radio:


Welcome New Members

Newest members of the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club:   WELCOME


Chris Babina, KE5KIP

Don Smith, KG5NHB

Steve Wise, KG5NHC

LouAnn Clark, W5LDX

Trey Garland, WX0MMG