CCARC Club Meeting 8-8-15

Wow, what a line-up for the August Meeting of the CCARC
This Saturday August 8 is the next meeting of the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club.
Not only will we have scintillating reports from our secretary and treasurer but we will have professional comedy.
We’ll have Ed’s video tour of the Dayton Hamvention with all the great new equipment and two, unused Yaesu hats to raffle as well.
How funny would you think a “Super Nerd” would be?  Don McMillan worked for Bell Labs and designed circuits and programmed computers.  And on the side, he dabbled in comedy.  Turns out he is hilarious and has appeared on the Tonight Show and many other venues including Las Vegas (as a headliner).
We have a DVD of his stand-up performance, in which he uses a PowerPoint presentation.  We will present some of his work on Saturday.  All of his humor is based on technical, nerdy material.  You have never seen anything like this.
He works clean, so bring a spouse if you like.
This Saturday at Mabank Café on Hwy 198 in Mabank.  The meeting starts at 9 AM, come earlier for a good breakfast buffet.

CCARC Meeting July 11

We’ve got a full line-up for this Saturday…

The government is forcing the FCC to cut half it’s workforce and regional offices.  How will that affect us?  Our guest via Skype is Riley Hollingsworth, the former head of enforcement for the FCC.

Also a round- up of a very successful Field Day, and Mats, SM0BTP, will present a quick video tour of the new Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) store in Plano.

It all begins at 9 AM; come earlier for a big buffet breakfast at the Mabank Café on Hwy 198 in Mabank


Field Day 2015

We had a great Field Day weekend, with close to 200 contacts in 44 states and several countries. Many thanks to Dave Randall, K5YWT, for serving as our Field Day Czar, and to all the members that help set up, operate and tear down!

Our setup at Brookshire's in Mabank.

Our setup at Brookshire’s in Mabank.

Jim Connor at the mike.

Jim, N4BKX, at the mike.


Kathryn Connor logging into our laptop (shaded by a fruit box!)

Kathryn, KG5BSF, logging into our laptop (shaded by a fruit box!)

Rich Casey, N5CSU, chasing states on 20 meters.

Rich, N5CSU, chasing stations on 20 meter SSB.

Field Day "Czar" Dave, K5YWT, takes a quick 40 winks.  He was there all 24 hours!

Field Day “Czar” Dave, K5YWT, takes a quick 40 winks. He was there all 24 hours!

2015 Field Day Logo Red Design 1There’s something special at Brookshire’s next weekend, June 27 and 28, and we’re not talking about a sale on navel oranges in produce.

We ARE talking about a 24-hour continuous demonstration of Amateur “ham” Radio in the lot adjacent to the Brookshire’s store in Mabank.

The last weekend of June each year is Amateur Radio Field Day weekend, and tens  of thousands of ham radio operators worldwide take to the field and operate for 24 hours without using a local power source.

Why is that important?  Because in a hurricane, earthquake or any major disaster, all communications may be lost.  No telephones, no Internet, no cell phones either; nothing can get out from the stricken area.

Except ham radio. Hams can carry their own radios on their hip (walkie-talkies), in their cars, at home or in the field.  And all these devices can communicate with the world without local electricity. Once a year, hams sharpen their skills and test their equipment in a worldwide exercise and contest. The folks at Brookshire’s have invited the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club to set up their station outside the Mabank store. Everyone is invited to come by for a demonstration and free literature on ham radio.

Ham radio is exploding.  Over 720,000 licenses have been issued by the FCC; one reason is the Morse code requirement has been eliminated. The testing is the easiest it’s ever been, and the Cedar Creek club offers free instruction and testing.

 LOCAL AREA HAMS: please sign up for a two hour shift. Email our Field Day Chairman, Dave KC8YWT at boksu1@yahoo.com

WRN_Ambassador_logoThe CCARC has been accepted into the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™  initiative.

“The Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador initiative is an effort to formally recognize NOAA partners who are improving the nation’s readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events. As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, your organization is committing to work with NOAA and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather.”

For More Information

CCARC Vice-President Rich Casey, N5CSU, was guest on two recent HamRadioNow video podcasts hosted by Gary Pearce, KN4AQ.  Both shows include several mentions of the Cedar Creek ARC.


The first show is a remembrance of how Gary and Rich met on the air fifty years ago as newly licensed hams. They discuss the early days of the FM mode in Chicago; this is quite an introduction to how ham radio used to be!

In part two, Rich and Gary discuss the Internet and many tools that will be useful to hams both new and old.

Rich’s blog Casey’s Place adds a little background on both shows, and includes links to all the tools mentioned in the second show.

Welcome to our newest members who joined at our February meeting, Brad Boyd, KG5BSH, and Sam Grimes, AF5WC.

We’re now well over 50 members! Here’s a list of members who are paid for the June 2014-15 club year.

  • AC0DE – Dee Boswell, Kemp
  • AD5QP – Cory Hine, Kaufman
  • AD5WO – John Becton, Murchison
  • AF5SZ – Darwin Baldwin, Kemp
  • AF5WC- Sam Grimes, Tool
  • K5PUB – Bill Bassett, Athens
  • K5QFH – David Cadden, Eustace
  • K8MKN –  Ed Busch,  Payne Springs
  • KA5IPF –  Clif Holland Jr., Mabank
  • KA5TTS – Wes Riddle, Kemp
  • KA5Y –  Tex Herson Jr., Trinidad
  • KB5MT – Jim Wallace, Mabank
  • KC5EKM –  Bill Moos, Mabank
  • KC5YN – Fred Keen, Gun Barrel City
  • KC8YWT – Dave Randall, Kaufman
  • KD5ILK – Glenda Oglesby, Wills Point
  • KD5OCW – Barry Brown, Mabank
  • KE5WUT –  Bill Saylor, Payne Springs
  • KF5CTG – Glenn Hughes, Mabank
  • KF5HSN –  Robert Gosson, Gun Barrel City
  • KF5SK – Bill Speed
  • KF5SUV – Shirley McManus, Kaufman
  • KF5VAW – Frank Stokes, Mabank
  • KF5ZCW – Ron Chapman, Trinidad
  • KF5ZDE – Butch Keller, Athens
  • KF5ZDI – Chuck Welch, Eustace
  • KF6WXA – Sue Stokes, Mabank
  • KG5BSF – Kathryn Conner, Mabank
  • KG5BSI – Sandy Gassett, Gun Barrel City
  • KG5BSH – Brad Boyd, Seven Points
  • KG5BWQ – Bill Hoppes, Eustace
  • KG5DBH – Charles Genthner, Kemp
  • KG5DSS – Bruce Stewart, Canton
  • KG5EUX – Bob Doss
  • KG5EVF – Carl Samford
  • KW0K – Doug Boswell, Kemp
  • N4BKX – Jim Conner, Mabank
  • N4UJW –  Don Butler, Gun Barrel City
  • N5CSU –  Rich Casey, Gun Barrel City
  • N5HDX – Joe Clark, Mabank
  • N5SER –  Charles Wells II, Kemp
  • N5ZFB –  Jeff Irion, Mabank
  • NG5R – Dale Richards, Malakoff
  • SM0BTP – Mats Roos, Gun Barrel City
  • TBD – Martha Roos, Gun Barrel City
  • TBD – Sheila Speed Barr
  • W5AUX – Millie Holland, Mabank
  • W5BRG –  George Yarger, Payne Springs
  • W5KMH – Carl Hockett, Gun Barrel City
  • W5PJS – Pete Sullivan, Gun Barrel City
  • WA5AEW – Al Weaver, Seven Points
  • WA5MPA  Bill Oglesby, Wills Point
  • WB4SJN –  Bob Allen, Phalba

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