The CCARC Repeater is up and running.

Clif-KA5IPF and Ed-K8MKN got it fixed.


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Tuesday Lunches for September

Lunches for September rolls in to Mabank.


We return to the friendly confines of the Bean & Burger on Hwy 198.  Please don’t arrive before 11:30.


NOTE:  They are trying to accommodate our growing group and will put us in the front of the restaurant as a test.  If this doesn’t work we MAY change our location for this month.


Please look for our announcement here after the Tuesday lunch.


October lunches are on track to be at Tavi’s in Seven Points

Do You Arduino?

The next, September 10th meeting of the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club will have an answer.  A self-taught expert, Greg Grant, WA5IEK will answer questions and detail some of the tiny (3 inch X 2 inch) Arduino’s uses.  Greg uses the microcomputer in his ham shack.  His appearance is a continuation of our series of Skype interviews with experts around the world at the club.

And the price of this microcomputer?  That’s an even bigger point:  $20 or less.  With this kind of computing power so cheap and portable, programmers around the world have designed programs on it to do hundreds of tasks.

If you want to study this in advance of the meeting…

Microcontroller Resources


www.ebay.com Arduino Uno R3 $5 up (starter kits that include the Uno board) $10 up

www.sparkfun.com approximately $25

www.amazon.com $13.40 up

Programming Software and tutorials:

www.arduino.cc download the programming software (IDE) free and lots of information


Google: Massimo Banzi on TED Talks

The meeting will be held Saturday September 10th at the Mabank Café on Hwy 198 in Mabank.  The club meets the second Saturday of each month there. The meeting starts at 9 AM, but many come early for the breakfast buffet.  Anyone interested in technology is welcome.

The Mabank Café is located at:

301 N. Main St., (198)

Mabank, TX 75147

(903) 887-0177

Club Meeting August 13th


Our guest speakers, John Newman and Mark Taylor





New 440 Repeater

Our new CCARC 440 Repeater is up and running. Frequency: 444.050, Tone: 136.5, Offset: 5.000, Offset direction: Positive (+). This repeater has Digital Operation with Yeasu equipped radios and Analog operation with all radios. At present the repeater is operating on low power of 20 W. Please check it out and use it.


Additional Note:

There is no courtesy tone or carrier that you key up when you hit your push to talk.

It might be confusing because you can’t hear that you’ve gotten into the repeater.

Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club members come out in support of Field Day

Putting up the antenna:


Operating the radio:

FD10_2016 FD4_2016 FD2_2016 FD1_2016Sitting back and relaxing:


Reaching out to  the community about Amateur Radio:


Welcome New Members

Newest members of the Cedar Creek Amateur Radio Club:   WELCOME


Chris Babina, KE5KIP

Don Smith, KG5NHB

Steve Wise, KG5NHC

LouAnn Clark, W5LDX

Trey Garland, WX0MMG