CCARC Monthly Meeting Minutes-November 14, 2015

Club President Ed Busch, K8MKN, opened the meeting at 0901 hours

23 members and 5 visitors were present

Treasurer’s Report by Charles, N5SER: Balance- $6570.71 accepted and passed

Minutes were read from the October meeting by Charles, N5SER: accepted and passed.

Door Prizes: three mystery door prizes were given away


George advised that the Ham Cram course scheduled for October 31 was cancelled because no one signed up. He announced that two Ham Cram courses are being planned for the spring of 2016 with details to follow at a later date.

Ed, K8MKN, provided an update on the VP, Bill Moos KC5EKM. Bill had a pacemaker put in and is back at home. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

Ed announced that during the December meeting we would have our annual gift exchange. Jeff, N5ZFB is the “Gift Czar” and would make up the rules during the meeting. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Please bring a wrapped gift which cost less than $40.00.


Meeting Feature:

Ed presented a video from the ARRL regarding “The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015”. All hams are encouraged to contact their Congressmen and Senators to vote in favor of the bills (House & Senate versions).

The main event was a skype session with Rich Moseson,W2VU, the Editor of CQ magazine. Rich discussed the process he and his staff use to prepare the magazine for publication. Each issue has continuing items and special items. Generally they work two and half months out for each issue. We were jointed in the session by Doogle, Rich’s cat. Apparently Doogle is quite the typist. J

The meeting was adjourned at 0958hrs.

WRN_Ambassador_logoThe CCARC has been accepted into the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™  initiative.

“The Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador initiative is an effort to formally recognize NOAA partners who are improving the nation’s readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events. As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, your organization is committing to work with NOAA and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather.”

For More Information

CCARC Vice-President Rich Casey, N5CSU, was guest on two recent HamRadioNow video podcasts hosted by Gary Pearce, KN4AQ.  Both shows include several mentions of the Cedar Creek ARC.


The first show is a remembrance of how Gary and Rich met on the air fifty years ago as newly licensed hams. They discuss the early days of the FM mode in Chicago; this is quite an introduction to how ham radio used to be!

In part two, Rich and Gary discuss the Internet and many tools that will be useful to hams both new and old.

Rich’s blog Casey’s Place adds a little background on both shows, and includes links to all the tools mentioned in the second show.

Welcome to our newest members who joined at our February meeting, Brad Boyd, KG5BSH, and Sam Grimes, AF5WC.

We’re now well over 50 members! Here’s a list of members who are paid for the June 2014-15 club year.

  • AC0DE – Dee Boswell, Kemp
  • AD5QP – Cory Hine, Kaufman
  • AD5WO – John Becton, Murchison
  • AF5SZ – Darwin Baldwin, Kemp
  • AF5WC- Sam Grimes, Tool
  • K5PUB – Bill Bassett, Athens
  • K5QFH – David Cadden, Eustace
  • K8MKN –  Ed Busch,  Payne Springs
  • KA5IPF –  Clif Holland Jr., Mabank
  • KA5TTS – Wes Riddle, Kemp
  • KA5Y –  Tex Herson Jr., Trinidad
  • KB5MT – Jim Wallace, Mabank
  • KC5EKM –  Bill Moos, Mabank
  • KC5YN – Fred Keen, Gun Barrel City
  • KC8YWT – Dave Randall, Kaufman
  • KD5ILK – Glenda Oglesby, Wills Point
  • KD5OCW – Barry Brown, Mabank
  • KE5WUT –  Bill Saylor, Payne Springs
  • KF5CTG – Glenn Hughes, Mabank
  • KF5HSN –  Robert Gosson, Gun Barrel City
  • KF5SK – Bill Speed
  • KF5SUV – Shirley McManus, Kaufman
  • KF5VAW – Frank Stokes, Mabank
  • KF5ZCW – Ron Chapman, Trinidad
  • KF5ZDE – Butch Keller, Athens
  • KF5ZDI – Chuck Welch, Eustace
  • KF6WXA – Sue Stokes, Mabank
  • KG5BSF – Kathryn Conner, Mabank
  • KG5BSI – Sandy Gassett, Gun Barrel City
  • KG5BSH – Brad Boyd, Seven Points
  • KG5BWQ – Bill Hoppes, Eustace
  • KG5DBH – Charles Genthner, Kemp
  • KG5DSS – Bruce Stewart, Canton
  • KG5EUX – Bob Doss
  • KG5EVF – Carl Samford
  • KW0K – Doug Boswell, Kemp
  • N4BKX – Jim Conner, Mabank
  • N4UJW –  Don Butler, Gun Barrel City
  • N5CSU –  Rich Casey, Gun Barrel City
  • N5HDX – Joe Clark, Mabank
  • N5SER –  Charles Wells II, Kemp
  • N5ZFB –  Jeff Irion, Mabank
  • NG5R – Dale Richards, Malakoff
  • SM0BTP – Mats Roos, Gun Barrel City
  • TBD – Martha Roos, Gun Barrel City
  • TBD – Sheila Speed Barr
  • W5AUX – Millie Holland, Mabank
  • W5BRG –  George Yarger, Payne Springs
  • W5KMH – Carl Hockett, Gun Barrel City
  • W5PJS – Pete Sullivan, Gun Barrel City
  • WA5AEW – Al Weaver, Seven Points
  • WA5MPA  Bill Oglesby, Wills Point
  • WB4SJN –  Bob Allen, Phalba

We’ve added several more resources for our new hams and those members planning to upgrade their license class; check them out on our Welcome page.

CCARC YouTube Channel

The Cedar Creek ARC now has its own YouTube channel, thanks to work by George, W5BRG, and Ed, K8MKN!  We’ll post our Skype interviews (if OK by our guest speaker) and other video tidbits.

Check it out!

Welcome our New Hams!

Welcome to our Fall ham class graduates who have now received their callsigns!

  • Jeffrey Connor, KG5EUW, Tech
  • Bob Doss,KG5EUX, Gen
  • Sam Grimes, KG5EUY, Gen
  • Carl Hockett, KG5EUZ, Gen
  • Jaime Marcotte, KG5EVA, Tech
  • Phil Randall, KG5EVB, Tech
  • Steve Rawson, KG5EVC, Tech
  • Ronnie Russell, KG5EVD, Tech
  • Deneen Russell, KG5EVE, Tech
  • Kenneth Samford, KG5EVF, Tech
  • Mike Saxton, KG5EVG, Tech
  • Tim Truax, KG5EVH, Tech
  • Mike Vaughan, KG5EVI, Gen
  • Jacob Walters, KG5EVJ, Tech
  • Rob Walters, KG5EVK, Tech
  • Stephen Washington, KG5EVL, Tech

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